Planning A Breakfast Date? Colocals New Menu Is The Perfect Morning Feast


Breakfast isn’t the first meal that we imagine going out for, as we mostly prefer choosing between lunch or dinner. Colocal’s new breakfast menu is here to change this very perception. The relatively new casual dining café is located in the Dhan Mill Compound premises in Chhatarpur, New Delhi. Their signature creation is the delectable artisanal chocolate – crafted within the premises in a chocolate factory. They have recently introduced a new menu to offer loads of breakfast delights for your first feast of the morning.


Colocal’s interiors and facade will give a bright, homely vibe. 

We visited the premises on a bright, sunny Sunday. The Colonnade-sque interiors featured a skylight and potted plants all around, making for the perfect backdrop for photographs and lending a homely, friendly vibe to the restaurant. A quick glance through the menu revealed plenty of breakfast options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. We started with a Masala Omelette which was quite colourful with vegetables like crunchy bell peppers and caramelised onions. The cheesy delight was cooked to perfection and served with a well-buttered, ideally browned toast.

Along with this, we tried the Colocal Chocolate Granola Bowlwith Almond Milk. The baked Granola had bits of dark chocolate, cranberries, and raisins. The wonderful bowl was topped with slices of fresh fruit including strawberries, apple, banana and blueberries. A fulfilling and refreshing start to the day!


Masala Omelette 


Granola bowl with almond milk

Dessert lovers, rejoice as there are plenty of sweet delights to choose from in the breakfast menu. After much deliberation, we chose to try the Waffles topped with whipped cream and two kinds of chocolate – dark and milk. The warm, gooey waffles were also sprinkled with strawberries and blueberries. It was hard to stop ourselves from ordering another one right away!

If you love the idea of having pizza for breakfast, the Margherita Bruschetta is a dream come true. Slices of Ciabatta bread are topped with creamy tomato salsa, baby Bocconcini cheese and a drizzle of pesto and Balsamic vinegar. Every bite was sheer delight and left us craving more. 


Waffles with whipped cream and chocolate


Margherita Bruschetta 

The wonderful breakfast meal was complimented perfectly with Colocal’s chef-special Campfire Iced Chocolate. The melt-in-the-mouth drink had an interesting smoky flavour and a stunning presentation, thanks to the toasted marshmallows topped with the in-house crafted chocolate. We also tried the signature Cacao Sangria which was a fruity, fizzy treat that went perfectly with our meal. The brown sugar-rimmed glass in which the Sangria was served was quite lip-smacking. Although there were plenty of beverages such as teas, coffees and more on the menu, one thing we feel could be added would be some more non-milk breakfast drinks, such as fresh fruit juices or fruit smoothies.


Campfire Iced Chocolate 


Cacao Sangria

So, make the most of your morning hours and try Colocal’s new wholesome breakfast menu. We promise it’ll become your go-to place for a breakfast date with your loved ones.

What: Colocal “The Cacao Artisans”

Where: The Dhan Mill Compound, 100 Feet Road, Chhatarpur, New Delhi

When: 8am – 11pm (breakfast till 11am)

Cost for two: Rs. 1,000/-

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