Poha With Kala Chana: This Nagpur-Special Tari Poha Is Our Favourite Breakfast Recipe Now


Tari poha is a popular poha recipe from Nagpur

It is not easy to wake up early in the morning, especially in the weather; then deciding on the breakfast that would please everybody is another ballgame altogether. More often than not, we stick to simple and ‘safe’ options like omelettes, breads and cereals. Eating the same dishes everyday tend to add to mundaneness, making us want to skip the fuss altogether. Skipping breakfast is not encouraged by any nutritionist, doing so could result in sharp decline in energy levels and also lead to weight gain. Thankfully, there are plenty of simple recipes that you can still try, poha being one of the delish options.

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Poha is a popular breakfast recipe

Poha is a classic Indian breakfast that is relished in a number of ways across the country. While in Indore, people prefer to have their poha with a sprinkling of sev, in Maharashtra it is the flavourful kanda poha or onion poha that rules. Poha is a dish made with flattened rice flakes or chiwda – as they are referred to in Hindi. Sometimes people refer to the rice flakes as poha since poha as a dish is so popular and widely known. The rice flakes are gently tossed in oil with chopped veggies, curry leaves, mustard seeds, salt and spices for a typical poha preparation. You can however, spruce it up the way you like. Given the massive popularity of poha in Central and Western India, there are many versions of poha that have found their own set of fans. Tari Poha from Nagpur is one fine example.

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Poha can be of many kinds
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It is prepared the same way as you prepare kanda poha, except it is finished off with a serving of a delectable kala chana gravy also known as Tari.  Tari Poha is an excellent mix of good carbs and protein, making it a wholesome and filling snack for everybody. Serve it hot and watch everyone lap up to it in no time. You can find the recipe here. For the recipe you would have to make the poha in advance.
For recipe of poha click here.

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