‘Removing food delivery apps helped with my weight loss’: Simon K King


The Tamil film composer, who recently posted a tweet showing his physical transformation during COVID-19 lockdown, said that he was addicted to restaurant and takeout food

An excess of free time during lockdown has made it possible for those with long unfulfilled fitness goals to finally get back on track.

In the Tamil film industry, following the news of actor Vidyullekha Raman’s physical transformation, it is now the turn of composer Simon K King, who took to Twitter to share news of his weight loss.

In a picture that he tweeted, the composer wrote: “Wanna know what was I upto in the bunker for the last four months???”

According to his representative, Simon has lost 24 kilograms over the last four-and-a-half months. In a statement, the Kolaigaran composer describes his fitness journey as a “random act”, and that the desire to shed 24 kilograms started as a “small goal”.

“I started with the decision of losing just three kilos,” he says, adding, “…losing that weight was a huge motivation to continue.”

Simon goes on to say that he never prioritised his health. The spur happened when food delivery options were suspended during the early part of lockdown.

“The lockdown forced me to eat home-cooked food. When I saw the positive results, I uninstalled the food delivery apps I was addicted to from my phone, bid goodbye to junk food and started a workout routine,” he says.

With gyms too shutting down due to lockdown, Simon chose to pursue High-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts. “I followed a three-times a week HIIT routine followed by two days of moderate cardio and mobility workouts,” he adds.

The composer is currently working on the background score of Kabadadaari, directed by Pradeep Krishnamoorthy, which stars Sibi Sathyaraj and Nandita Swetha, and on another untitled production with Kolaigaran director Andrew Louis.


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