Sara Ali Khans Describes Makki Ki Roti And Sarso Ka Saag In Her Own Shayari Style


Sara Ali Khan has continued to be one of the most promising stars in Bollywood. People adore her for her bubbly nature and humble personality. Apart from all this, she is one of the biggest foodies. And, she is quite vocal about her affection for all things delicious. But at the same time, she follows strict diet plans and a healthy lifestyle to remain in shape. More often than not, the actress comes up with funny and creative ways to express her undying love for food. And, something similar happened during “ask me” session on Instagram Stories. 

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When a person requested Sara Ali Khan to “write a shayari on everyone’s first love – food”, Sara shared a picture of Makki ki roti and sarso ka saag with dollops of butter on top. Along with this, she wrote, “Khana khazana, jeene ka bahana, chitta makkhan roti par lagana, lekin phir ruk bhi jaana, otherwise motapa puri duniya ko darshana.”   


We love how Sara Ali Khan prioritises food above everything else. She recently shared a video of herself debating about her secret talent – singing or eating. In it, she could be seen spending time on the sets while someone from the crew questions her “what’s your secret talent?” To this, Sara said, “Singing” and hummed two lines from the popular melody Gun Guna Rahe Hain Bhawre. Someone also asked her about the food item that she cannot simply resist. Sara responded saying, “Pizza, Chhole Bhature and Besan ke Laddoo.” The funny thing here is even though the actress revealed that her secret talent is singing, she was seen eating throughout the video.  

Once, Sara Ali Khan shared some foodie secrets for her fans through a video on Instagram. In a fun quiz session with her team, Sara admitted that she would choose food even over her friends. The other food-related question was to pick one between coffee and hot chocolate. Sara’s opted for coffee.   

We like how Sara Ali Khan’s food diary is fun and interesting at the same time.


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