Shocking! Girl Loses Front Teeth After Too Many Mimosa Drinks; Watch Viral Video


The viral video is too funny to miss.

This is one of those apt examples of a fun party turning into a disaster. Whenever that happens, most of the time it is alcohol turns out to be the culprit; and this incident was no different. A girl had one too many mimosas and the repercussion was quite a painful one. She lost a couple of her front teeth! All because of drinking too much of mimosa cocktails at a day party with friends. The tragic yet hilarious video is viral now on social media with many people watching with horror and amusement in equal measure.

The video was posted on Twitter by user @fernvndooo. The video starts with the girl saying on camera that she was 4 mimosas down and followed by her friends revealing their own count. After all the friends shared how many mimosas they all had; by that time, it was abundantly clear that all of them were pretty high (can we say this?) on the alcoholic cocktail.

Watch the viral video:

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It was all fun and frolic while counting the mimosa glasses downed by the party until the clip shows the subject of the viral video, the girl who has 4 mimosas, sitting on the shoulders of a man, and the clip immediately cuts to her face with bleeding mouth and missing teeth. It’s shocking and funny at the same time.

If you are left wondering what happened to her, you are not alone. The Twitter user who posted the video gave us the update with another post. He shared a screenshot of the conversation with the girl.

Take a look –

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The viral video has been viewed 4M times and retweeted almost 40k times so far. It received hundreds of likes and more than 21k comments ranging from shocked ones to humorous ones, including some really hilarious memes.

Take a look:

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