Skin Care Tips to Keep in Mind Before and After the Celebrations


Holi, the beautiful festival of colours, is here and you must be excited to celebrate it. Though pandemic is going to play a spoilsport this year, you can always indulge in a homebound, joyous holi celebration adhering to some safety protocols, of course, with your dear ones.

So gear up to have a fun-filled Holi, and don’t worry about the colours damaging your skin. We are here to offer you some essential Holi special, helpful skin care tips.

Apart from drinking plenty of water, and ensuring your skin stays hydrated both internally and externally, you can follow the following effective skin care regime this Holi. Now, since taking care of your skin needs to be a holistic process, you need to start prepping the skin before playing Holi as well.

I. Pre-Holi skin care tips

Oils: Apply any organic oil like coconut, almond, with few drops of essential oils in it, on your hair, face, neck and hands before playing Holi. It will act as a barrier to harmful chemicals in the colours.

Ice cubes: Rubbing ice cubes prevents damage to your skin by delaying the penetration of colours immediately into the skin.

Sunscreen lotion: Choose the right SPF for your sunscreen lotion and apply it before getting drenched in Holi colours. You can use petroleum jelly on your lips to keep it hydrated.

Nail paint: Also, keeping your nails painted with nail polish is a good way to ensure protection to your cuticles.

II. Post-Holi skin care tips

Organic products: Stay away from soaps, face washes immediately after you get yourself colour smeared as the harsh chemicals strip your skin off its supple, alkaline nature. You can use organic cleansing products, instead.

Homemade face masks: To retain the natural elasticity of your skin and enhance the glow even after getting drenched in colours, you can always opt for sandalwood paste, turmeric powder, besan, rose water mixuptan.

Olive oil/coconut oil: Dip cotton balls in olive or coconut oil and apply on the skin to wipe off the colour.

Moisturizer: Use a mild moisturizer after removing the colours. You can also opt for natural moisturizers like honey, milk cream, aloe vera gel to replenish the moisture lost, and prevent dryness.


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