Specially-Abled Service Staff Run The Show At This Restaurant In Pune


Menu cards come with signs that helps guests communicate with staff

A restaurant in Pune has employed specially-abled people to serve its customers. The servers at Terrasinne restaurant use sign languages to communicate with the guests. Located at FC Road, Pune, this restaurant is all about ‘socially conscious dining’, shares Sonam Kapse, owner at Terrasinne. She further informs, “We have 20 hearing and speech impaired candidates here. This initiative creates a platform for them to earn for themselves. Usually, such people are employed for kitchen work.”

If you follow Terrasinne on Instagram, you will find that the restaurant has created a menu card with special signs before every dish that makes it easy for the guest to communicate with the servers and place their order. “Communication is very easy, just like we are talking to kids using signs,” said Ms Kapse.

Terrasinne offers various Indian and global cuisines and includes ingredients that are fresh and environment-friendly, following ‘farm to table’ concept. And what adds on to the restaurant vibe is its serene environment.

According to one of its guests, “The ambience and concept are very good. It is a new experience to communicate in such a manner and it was lovely. This concept is already there in Mumbai, but in Pune, I think this restaurant is a first of its kind initiative. The taste of the food is also very good. The initiative is very good and should be encouraged.”



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