Summer Diet: Beat The Heat With This Desi-Style Shikanji Recipe (Watch Recipe Video)


Summer is here in all its glory. The blazing temperatures have made one thing clear- you cannot always rely on an air-conditioned room for relief. You have to find innovative ways to prevent yourself from the debilitating heatwave. Classic cool beverages like lassi, jaljeera, rose sherbet, come in very handy during this time. Another summer cooler that has been an indispensable part of our households since time immemorial is, our humble, shikanji. This simple, fizzy drink made with lemon, water, masala and some fresh mint leaves, can reboot, rejuvenate and revitalize us in a matter of seconds. Here is our recipe of Shikanji that we are obsessed with right now, and we are sure that it would tempt you equally.

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To make this shikanji you would need, lemon juice, mint, salt to taste, cumin powder, black pepper, black salt, sugar, soda water (optional, if you like your shikanji fizzy, you can include it in your drink or you can use regular water)  and ice cubes.
It is a good idea to use roasted cumin powder for the street-side flavour that we all love.

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How To Make Shikanji:
1. Take a tumbler, add lemon juice and mint leaves. Blend using a hand blender to blend it. You can blend the two in a mixer as well.
2. Then add salt, black pepper, cumin powder, black salt and sugar. This is your shikanji masala or base.
3. Pour some soda water to the lemony-mix you just made.
4. Take a glass, add some ice cubes and pour the shikanji into the glass. Garnish with mint leaves.

Doesn’t that sound like a cakewalk. Yes, it is that simple to make a shikanji at home. Now, what are you waiting for? Here is the detailed recipe video of Shikanji, with complete list of ingredients in the description box. Try it at home today and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below. Make sure you drink it in moderation, while shikanji is known to has some good health benefits pertaining to digestion, excess may cause bloating or tummy troubles.

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