Thalippu Dosa: This Easy Tadka Dosa Is The Ultimate Way To Sate Your Cravings


Crispy, paper-thin and absolutely yummy, dosas are a delight no matter what meal you are having. Be it as a part of your wholesome breakfast or lunch, paired with comforting sambar and yummy coconut chutney, dosa makes for a perfect south Indian treat. Dosa enjoys so much popularity that it isn’t any more limited to Indian territories and enjoys love from across the globe. No wonder there are so many varieties of dosas one can enjoy! Cheese, chilli, aloo, paneer, egg and even chicken and mutton dosas, there is such a wide array of dosas one can make that you’ll be spoilt with choice!

And then there is an option to even tweak the batter. While the traditional batter is made from lentil and rice, one can experiment with semolina, ragi, jowar and even vermicelli! And if you are a fan of spicy tadka, we’ve got a dosa for that too!

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There is such a wide variety of dosas one can make that you’ll be spoilt with choice.

Thalippu dosa is a quirky dosa recipe, bursting with the flavours of tadka – yes, the same tadka you pour over dal and curries for tantalising flavours! It is a quick, easy and delightful recipe that requires nothing but a handful of ingredients including mustard seeds and red chilli for the tadka!

How To Make Thalippu Dosa | Tadka Dosa Recipe:

For the recipe, you simply need to mix the regular dosa batter with sautéed tadka mix, onion and tomatoes, and cook a spoonful of it over a hot pan. The tadka is a fiery mix of mustard seeds, red chillies, curry leaves and asafoetida, but you may add urad or chana dal to it besides ginger and garlic. While this is a plain dosa, you can add a number of stuffings to it or add egg to the batter for a wholesome, high-protein dosa.

Find the full recipe of Thalippu Dosa here.

Try this tadka dosa at home for your next meal and share the experience with us in the comments section below.

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