Think Fasting Is Boring? Here Is Mira Kapoors Take For You


Mira Kapoor swears by a healthy way of living. Be it skin, diet or overall wellness, the wife of actor Shahid Kapoor, is a strong advocate of a natural approach for a better lifestyle. She often shares her DIY skincare routines on social media and shows us how to make conscious lifestyle changes. In her latest update, the mother-of-two is preaching “modern-day fasting for a seasonal cleanse.” During the Navratri festival, which begins April 13 and will continue till April 22, Mira will be sharing guidelines for a  9-day detox with her fans and followers. 

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On Tuesday, the 26-year-old posted a gorgeous platter by chef Manish Mehrotra of Comorin restaurant ‘for anyone who thinks fasting is boring.’ Their three-course Navratra Menu is a specially curated feast. Dahi vada and masala nadroo chaat, paneer aloo rassa, kuttu poori, pickled pumpkin, mooli laccha, pune mango mastani, mixed nuts, are all available as a part of this grand platter. 

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Last week, Mira revealed that she chose the modern way of fasting for its health benefits and detox quality. Shahid, who did not miss the video, couldn’t help but comment, “Why would someone that pretty even need a cleanse?” 

During her Instagram Live session on “#NotSoFast”, she gave a brief on various topics which included “why seasonal fasting is important and relevant.”

Here are a few of the many valuable tips Mira shared via her Instagram stories:

– As per Ayurveda, seasonal cleanse is helpful in the digestion process.

– She mentioned self-detox is good for improving immunity, vitality, and much more.

– Beverages such as tea and coffee, heavy spices etc best be avoided during the detox.

-One must refrain from consuming processed foods, grains such as wheat and rice, and lentils etc.


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