This New, Unique Comma Pasta Is Winning People Over; Will You Try It?


The all-new ‘comma’ pasta is quite interesting.

Which one is your favourite pasta? It’s a difficult question to answer as there are so many varieties of pasta and all of them taste equally great. Penne, fusilli, spaghetti – if you set out to explore, you’ll find hundreds of pasta in different shapes and sizes. But some pasta lovers need more like Dan Pashman, who invested some three years to invent a new variety of pasta that is eye-grabbing, unique and stands apart. Remember screaming pasta that made an entry into the trending food world of the internet just recently? The pasta really looked like a face with a vivid screaming expression. Dan has created another such novelty pasta type that looks like a comma!

Dan Pashman, the host of James Beard Award-winning food podcast ‘The Sporkful’, went through many trials and errors over a period of three years to finally gift the world “cascatelli,” – a comma-shaped pasta, which is now on sale in America.

Take a look –

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The large, half-curved comma pasta has delicate ruffles all over. The creator claims that this all-new pasta caters to three main metrics that make a winner pasta dish – “sauceability” (how well sauce combines), “forkability” (how easily the pasta stays on the fork), and “toothsinkability” (how satisfying it is to sink one’s teeth into it).

Dan Pashman also went ahead and shared some videos of the making of this brand new comma pasta.

Check it out –

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The pasta apparently found favour in people’s pasta menu. Dan Pashman put up another Instagram post revealing that they sold their initial batch of 3700 boxes of cascatelli in less than two hours! 

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Would you like to try this pasta? Let us know in the comments below.  

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