This Relatable Post About Special Biscuits For Guests Is A Hit With Twitter


Childhood is probably one of the most fondly remembered periods of our lives. Whether it was the games we played, the people we met or the food we ate – everything holds a special place in our hearts. Desi Twitter often shares memories or things that make them nostalgic about their childhood. One of the latest posts instantly sent Twitter users down memory lane, making them think about their blissful childhood memories. Twitter user Aman Preet IRS shared a picture of some biscuits with a caption that everyone could connect with. Take a look:

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Kis kis ki mummy kehti thiyeh biscuits guests ke liye hain,” wrote the user, roughly translating to, “How many of your mothers would say these biscuits are for guests?” The caption was tweeted with a picture filled with various kinds of biscuits. From jam-topped cookies to buttery cream-filled ones, chocolate-coated delights to crispy, thin wafers — there were all kinds of delicious selections to choose from.

The tweet was a hit with users, who could relate to the caption as well as the photo of the amazing biscuits. Hundreds of users wrote back to say that their mothers would also say the same thing, and some shared how their moms would even pamper them sometimes with these biscuits irrespective of there being no guests. Take a look at some reactions:

This is not the only thing that has made Twitter nostalgic in the recent past. A new meme trend called ‘You Had To Be There’ had surfaced which captured some unique and uncanny things from the childhood of each generation. From Phantom’s sweet cigarettes to Cadbury bytes, many users shared food items that formed a vital part of their childhood memories and are sadly out of production.

Read the full story about the ‘You Had To Be There’ meme trend here.

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