Try These 5 Ways to Holi-Proof Your Smartphone


The festival of colours is right around the corner. By now, you must be prepared with all the necessary steps to indulge in some festive colour sprinkling and rejoicing Holi with your loved ones. You must have an article of older set of clothing ready to be ruined by colours, some may have gone ahead and purchased all organic, flower/fruit-based colours to protect the skin. Some will oil their hair and skin to protect it as well. But what about protecting your lifeline — your smartphone?

Let’s be honest, our phones hold an important place in our heart. You may be tempted to keep your phone out and ready to capture the Holi madness and fun. But try to curb that urge as Holi isn’t the most mobile-phone friendly festival. Even if you carry expensive, water-proof models, you never know what liquid colour solutions or colour powder particles will harm your phone.

So here are five ways to Holi-proof your smart phone:

1. Zip-lock bags: Most people already have it in their kitchen, if not, go ahead and buy some to seal your phone inside. It’s a couple of hundred rupees to protect your thousands worth of phone. If a friend even dumps a bucket of water on you, your phone will remain safe inside your pocket or hands.

2.Balloons:Water balloons are fun to throw at one another (though you shouldn’t aim at strangers on the road), but they can also be used as a covering for your phone. Just stretch the rubber and cover the phone inside. Instant water-proofing.

3. Designated photographer: If there is a large gathering of people, choose one phone to be used for photos and keep the rest in a water-proof bag (like the one used to carry cosmetics and liquids in aeroplane carry-on) and set aside.

4. Replace the phone for a day: If you can trust someone else will take photographs, then select an old model that’s probably sitting discarded in one of the drawers in your home. Carry that phone to the play-area if you have to make/receive calls.

5. Last resort: If you must carry your phone but you don’t have a zip lock bag or any other waterproofing, then conceal any open orifices of your phone. Headphone jack, charging point, speaker holes — cover them all with plastic tape.


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