US Restaurant Offers One Free Meal A Day For The Needy, No Conditions Apply


US Restaurant Offers One Free Meal A Day For The Needy, No Conditions Apply

This US Restaurant is offering free meals to customers.

The restaurant industry has come together to bide through the Coronavirus pandemic. Generous tips and large donations from loyal patrons are helping the restaurants bide through these testing times. However, eateries are also doing their bit for the community around them. Perfectly Frank, a restaurant based in Virginia, has come up with an interesting and generous idea to feed hungry customers who are unable to pay for their meals. The restaurant’s ‘Frank for Friends’ initiative is serving one free meal per customer per day, without any conditions or questions. Their offer has received praise from people all across the world. Take a look:

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According to the Facebook page of the restaurant, the idea is to simply extend an arm of help to the needy and homeless who are not able to afford their own meals. The idea came to mind when a customer left a whopping $1500 tip for the 15 staff members at the restaurant, plus an additional $500 to feed the hungry. This is how Perfectly Frank’s owner Tarah Morris started the initiative.

“If I’m being honest, we were hesitant to start FRANKS FOR FRIENDS. There were so many questions that we tossed around with no real answers. Were we opening a can of worms that we couldn’t contain? What if people abused the offer? What if the demand is too large and we can’t keep up with it? But we realised that at the end of the day, helping people isn’t a risk. It’s a reward,” she wrote on Facebook.

The restaurant has a way of keeping the kindness going with their ‘Franks for Friends’ board. Customers, who want to take a free meal, can unpin an invoice and present it at the counter. Each meal costs approximately $10. Other customers can also opt to pay for a meal and pin the invoice, thus keeping up this innovative cycle of kindness. The board also features some sweet quotes about kindness and generosity.

The ‘Franks for Friends’ movement has been widely appreciated by social media users as well as mainstream media channels. “Our movement, YOUR GENEROSITY, has touched people all over our Nation…a nation that could use some cheer and positivity in these stressful times,” said Morris in a post.

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