Viral Video: Bizarre! This Street Food In Uttar Pradesh Is Made In Sand, Tried Yet?


The video has crossed about 863,354 views on social media.

India is a country of street foods where every state has a unique one to offer. You may have heard hundreds of stories about ‘Dilli ki chaat’ or ‘Mumbai ka vada pav’ but there are countless lesser-known street foods in India that are sure to amaze you! While we have seen viral videos of flying dosa and vada pav, and Rajnikanth dosa all of which have a unique way of selling street food, the latest viral video that is going viral is about a unique street food from Uttar Pradesh which is entirely cooked in sand! Yes, you read that right!

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In a video going viral on social media by food blogger Amar Sirohi, a street-food vendor in Uttar Pradesh is seen sauteeing potatoes in a huge wok full of sand, over a furnace. Selling ‘bhuna aloo’ on a small cartwheel in Bhola Bazaar in Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh for 7 years, the vendor throws in a huge chunk of potatoes as is in the wok full of sand, cooks them for about 20 minutes and serve hot. Bhuna aloo is served with a chutney (made of coriander, tomatoes, ginger and garlic) and a special masala (made of ground spices and some butter). And all this is just for INR 25! Surprised? The video has crossed about 200K likes on Facebook and about 863,354 views on Instagram already in just a few days! Take a look:

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In the video, we can see how the potatoes are deeply cooked as they turn black towards the end in the sand, which is literally boiling over the furnace. When cooked, the potatoes are transferred to a huge sieve and the seller frisks them thoroughly to clean, due to which the cover of the potatoes start to peel-off. Isn’t it a great way to peel potatoes without even touching then?

No oil, no masala just some sand and potatoes, this simple recipe of bhuna aloo has definitely impressed the internet where many users commended the effort of the street food vendor who works non-stop in the hot weather near the furnace. What do you have to say about this innovative street food made in sand?!

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