Viral Video: Mumbai Man Selling Dosa On A Cycle Impresses The Internet


The video has crossed over 12M views.

Internet is a treasure trove of stories – from hilarious street food videos with unique selling style to heartwarming stories, you’ll get it all. And then there are those who leave us inspired! Such is the case in a recent viral video of a dosa vendor, who has been selling the south Indian staple for 25 years on a cycle!

A video by Youtube channel Aamchi Mumbai has been going viral on the internet in which one can see a man in Mumbai cooking fresh ‘pizza dosa’ and selling door-to-door on a cycle! He prepares this pizza dosa on a tawa with loads of veggies, schezwan sauce, garlic chutney and oodles of cheese grated on top; all of which he carries along with him on a tiny cycle. He has been making and selling various types of dosas between INR 60-100 in the lanes of Malad for 25 years now. The video has garnered around 12M views, take a look:

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The video also shows another woman, who seems to be a regular customer, trying his giant pizza dosa and says the flavours are no different than a regular pizza! The video garnered huge support from the viewers with many appreciating the man’s effort to make a living. While one user wrote, “He is putting everything so generously…big places will not use ingredients with such an open heart….god bless him.” Another noticed how even in a small space he is maintaining hygiene and cleanliness.

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