Wait, What?! Wow! Leftover Banana Peels Can Be Used To Make This Breakfast Delight


Banana peel bacon has impressed everyone on the internet.Photo Credit: Instagram

The internet is full of clever tips and tricks that sometimes come in really handy in the kitchen. Whatever problem or dilemma you may have in the kitchen, there is no dearth of some creative geniuses belting out solutions on the internet. Thanks to some of these people, we now even know what to do with leftover banana peels. Wait, what? Haven’t we always thrown out these peels to eat the fleshy sweet fruit inside? Yes, we all have, but as per this inventive hack, banana peels can actually be of great use in a particular recipe.

Classic American breakfast comprises some dishes that are omnipresent on every plate. Other than eggs and veggies, bacon is one essential breakfast item that brings meaty flavour and crispy texture to the meal. So, this new hack that is making waves on the internet suggests converting leftover banana peels into crispy bacon in case you are out of bacon or you want a veg meal.
These crispy banana peels really look like bacon! From professional chefs to the home chef to even food bloggers, many are trying out this recipe and there were some success stories we could spot on social media.

Take a look –

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How To Make Bacon With Leftover Banana Peels:

You simply have to marinate raw banana peels in a pool of Worcestershire sauce, liquid smoke, garlic, and onion powder, and then pan fry until brown and crispy. It’s that simple. Of course, you can experiment with the recipe by adding your own seasoning choices to suit your taste preference. 

So, what do you think of this cooking hack? Will you try it? Let us know if you do.

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