Watch: Chilli Egg Or Chilli Omelette Snack Is Something Different To Serve Your Guests


Chilli egg recipe is a must-try.

If you are putting out an Indian menu for your guests, you make sure to keep some spicy snacks because, of course, we all love spice in our foods. No wonder chilli chicken and chilli paneer are our topmost choices in appetisers. But if you still want to experiment and be a bit creative next time you are hosting a get-together, try this chilli egg snack. Delicious, meaty, spicy and very very taste – there’s no reason you wouldn’t want to try Chinese-style chilli egg for a yummy treat.

This chilli egg snack recipe was posted on the YouTube channel ‘Food Fatafat’. Once you’ll watch the video, you’ll know how easy it is to make.

Follow these steps to make a unique chilli egg or chilli omelette snack:

Step 1 – Crack four eggs in a bowl. Add some salt and red chilli powder and whisk well.
Step 2 – In a pan, heat cooking oil. Pour the egg mixture and let it cook. When it starts cooking, fold it into a roll. Cut the omelette roll into smaller pieces.
Step 3 – Now in a pan, heat oil, saute chopped ginger and garlic. Then add chopped green chilli, white portion of spring onion, chopped onion, and fry.
Step 4 – Add larger onion bulbs, capsicum cubes and tomato cubes. Saute for a few minutes but don’t overcook.
Step 5 – Add soy sauce, chilli sauce, tomato ketchup, schezwan sauce and vinegar.
Step 6 – Add in omelette pieces. Mix well and serve.

Watch the full recipe video to make chilli egg here:

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