Watch: Gordon Ramsay Plays A Prank On Starbucks Employee


Ramsay Gordon played a prank on a Starbucks employee.

Chef Gordon Ramsay is known to joke around at the expense of other people. His roast videos are quite funny. This time he left the online world and played a prank in real life, on a Starbucks employee. We found a video with screenshots of the act and could easily make out what really happened. Gordon Ramsay surely knows how to light up his day and of his followers too. Do you want to know what really happened? Read on.

The video posted by YouTube page ‘bero906’ shows Gordon Ramsay at a Starbucks drive-thru. As per the video, Gordon starts the act by first enquiring about toasties. When the employee tells him about the options available at the eatery, Gordon asks, “Is that the ham and cheese Jamie Oliver toastie from the Shell garage?”

Watch the video here:

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Gordon goes on to ask some strange questions and giving some really weird responses to the answers provided by the employee. After a series of questions and answers, the employee realised he was being played on when Gordon asked, “What’s 10 takeaway from 100?” The employee broke into a chuckle after figuring it all out. 

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But Gordon didn’t stop at this. He drove off with the toastie and stopped his car at a distance. He then threw away the Starbucks meal in a trash box. 

What do you think of this video by Gordon Ramsay? Funny or offensive? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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