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Kheer recipe are found aplenty, but this Rava Kheer is a class apart.Photo credits: iStock

Kheer is probably one of the most-loved Indian dessert recipes. The timeless combination of rice with milk, sugar and dry fruits is something you just can’t go wrong with. What if we told you a simple kheer recipe which didn’t involve spending endless hours standing next to the gas stove? Rava Kheer (or Sooji Kheer) is a quick fix dessert which uses Semolina (or Sooji) as a substitute for rice in the traditional Kheer recipe. This easy Rava Kheer recipe is perfect to satiate sugar cravings, especially on hot summer days when you aren’t in the mood to cook something elaborate.

The best part about working with Sooji (or Rava) is the fact that it is super versatile and gives instant results. Whether you use Sooji to make a fluffy Gujarati Handvo or some yummy Cheelas for breakfast, the recipe variations with this dynamic grain are practically endless. Sooji is also considered a healthier alternative to all-purpose flour (or Maida), since it is made with whole wheat grains. Apart from the nutrition and health perspective, the chewy texture of Sooji in this Rava Kheer has a huge fan following of its own.

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Kheer to a boil till it thickens. Now, add sugar, dry fruits and mix the Kheer well. Let it cook for five minutes and subsequently cool down. Serve chilled garnished with chopped dry fruit!

Click here for the step-by-step recipe of Rava Kheer. For the full recipe video, head to the top of the article, or else click here.

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