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In India, no occasion is complete without a bowl of delicious kheer. Be it a festival or a simple dinner party, kheer holds a firm place in the dessert menu. In fact, it is one common dessert available in every regional cuisine across the country. In Bengal, it is called payesh; whereas, in the Southern part of India, kheer is referred to as payasam. You will also find kheer being served as Prasad at different religious places in India. In North India, it is also served in ‘bhandaras’. For the unversed, bhandara is basically a community kitchen for people who gather for a religious or social function. Although ‘bhandare wali kheer’ is not a variant of the regular kheer, but it has something unique that makes the kheer taste so much better than the usual ones made at home.

We don’t know about you, but we feel there’s surely some secret to it that makes people fall for it time and again; so much so that it just can’t be replicated in the kitchen. We have tried different concoctions to get the exact taste of that ‘bhandare wali kheer’, but we couldn’t succeed much.

Finally, we found a fool-proof recipe that will help make kheer at home, bhandara-style. The secret to this kheer is its consistency. Always add enough water to the kheer to get the exact liquid-y consistency. So, without further ado, let’s check out the recipe:

How To Make Bhandare Wali Kheer | Bhandare Wali Kheer Recipe:

1. Wash the rice twice-thrice and soak the rice for a while.

2. Heat a pan and add ghee to it. Let it melt.

3. Add rice to it and fry for a while to reduce the raw smell of rice.

4. Now add boiled milk and water to it and stir continuously until the whole thing gets a boil.

5. Lower the flame and boil until the rice is cooked. Keep stirring occasionally to avoid sticking to the base.

6. Add sugar as per your taste and stir until the sugar gets dissolved completely.

7. Now add chopped dry fruits (kaju, pista, badam), kismis, chironji, a few strands of kesar, crushed elaichi and makhana. You can customize these ingredients as per your choice.

8. Mix well and boil the kheer for a few more minutes. Do not thicken the consistency. And bhandare wali kheer is ready to be served. Enjoy it hot or cold, as per your taste.

Watch Here The Complete Bhandare Wali Kheer Recipe Video:

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