Watch: Shocking Video Of Rats Crawling On Food Shelf In A Target Store


The video showing rats in a store is startling.

Would you shop at a store that is infested with insects or rodents? No one would, even if the store is a famous one like Target. In a shocking video that is doing the rounds on the internet, a food aisle in a Target store is shown with rats crawling over its shelves! The video shows at least 2 rats moving around, right on top of racks stacked with food items. The Target store is allegedly located in Hampton, Virgina and came under fire as soon as this video gained more and more traction.

The rats video was posted by one Sherrell Mcrae on her Facebook page; it is however not clear whether she was shopping at the store or working there or got the video from someone else. But she confirmed in one of the comments that a worker at the store “was telling the manger when I left”.

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Watch the Facebook video here:

According to the reports, the Target store has shut its food section and stopped the sale of all food items since the Facebook video surfaced online. A spokesperson from Target’s Minneapolis headquarters also issued an official statement, “We apologize for any inconvenience and invite our guests to visit our nearby store on Jefferson Avenue in Newport News for food needs. We appreciate the efforts of our team and partners to resolve this situation as soon as possible.”

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The video has been shared 1.4k times and got more than 200 likes with several comments so far. Some viewers even made funny comments like “The rats are just having fun”.

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