Watch: This Cool Tip To Use Salt And Pepper To Season Your Food Will Blow Your Mind


Watch: This Cool Tip To Use Salt And Pepper To Season Your Food Will Blow Your Mind

YouTube video showing correct way to use salt and pepper shaker is interesting.

Thanks to the current trends on the internet, we are getting apprised of some unbelievable and rather useful kitchen and cooking tips that we had never seen before. People are coming up with various tricks to make everyone’s life easier in the kitchen, be it cooking food faster, or peeling vegetables and fruits the right way, or even correcting recipes that went wrong with excessive salt, water or due to other mistakes. Joining the wave, here’s another smashing trick that is currently doing the rounds on the internet, and is sure to leave you amused.

You will be surprised to know that you’d been using your salt and pepper shaker wrong all this time. A YouTube video by ‘Storylines’ shows a woman demonstrating the correct way to use them to season your food easily.

Watch the video:

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The woman in the video asks “How old were you when you learned the proper way to use a salt and pepper shaker?” and then goes on the show how to really do it to get a smooth stream of the seasoning that makes the job quicker and more effective. “This is the proper way to use salt and pepper shaker,” she says and points to the ridges at the bottom of the salt shaker that she rubs on the ridges of the pepper shaker to drop down a stream of pepper powder. Then, she uses the same method to rub the pepper shaker over the salt shaker to sprinkle salt on a plain piece of paper.

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Seeing this mind-blowing trick left us wondering why we didn’t ever try it before. What do you think of this all-new kitchen tip? Will you change the way of seasoning your food with salt and pepper by using this tip? Let us know in the comments section below.

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