Watch: This Dhaba-Style Kadhi Pakora Recipe Is Easy, Spicy And Perfect For Quick Lunch


This Punjabi kadhi pakoda recipe is a must try

Enjoy the long, breezy road trips? Then, you surely love those stopovers at the roadside dhabas. One of the major attractions on any road trip, these highway motels have always fancied us with their delicious foods. In fact, there’s something about each dhaba across India that makes even a simple food taste out of the world. From the most basic dal and sabzi to the scrumptious tikkas – no dhaba-style dish can be replicated at home; until you get hold of the authentic recipe. If the very thought of dhaba-style curries and sabzis are making you crave for some, then you are just at the right place! We have found the dhaba-style Kadhi Pakora recipe that will help you recreate the meal you had on your last road trip.

A humble bowl of kadhi, with plain white rice, is one of the first comfort foods we can think of. It is quick, simple and soothes our soul to the core. Interestingly, this simple yogurt-based dish sees different variations across regional cuisines. While Sindhis have their unique way to make it (Sindhi kadhi), Punjabis include yummy, crunchy pakoras in the recipe. Here, we will recreate the popular Punjabi kadhi pakora that is widely prepared at the dhabas across North India. This particular recipe is shared by food vlogger Ananya Banerjee, on her YouTube channel ‘The Saree Chef’. Let’s take a look at the recipe.

How To Make Dhaba-Style Kadhi Pakora | Dhaba-Style Punjabi Kadhi Pakora Recipe:

  1. To make the pakoras for the kadhi, you need besan, a pinch of baking soda, dahi, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, chopped green chillies, ajwain, finely chopped methi and coriander leaves, roughly chopped onions, salt to taste, ginger paste and water, as per the need. Now, whisk everything well into a smooth batter.
  2. Deep-fry the pakoras until golden brown in colour. Keep aside.
  3. For the kadhi, take besan and dahi in a mixing bowl and whisk until it turns smooth. Make sure, there’s no lump left.
  4. Now, add haldi, red chilli powder and salt and whisk well.
  5. Add water as needed and whisk well to form a thin, runny mix.
  6. Pour ghee in a kadhai, add hing, methi seeds, curry leaves, dry red chilli, coriander seeds and let them splutter.
  7. Add sliced medium-sized onion, ginger paste and fry until onions turn golden in colour.
  8. Pour the kadhi mix in the kadhai and let it simmer for at least 5 minutes on medium flame.
  9. Add pakoras to the curry and simmer for 5 more minutes.
  10. Finally, sprinkle some red chilli powder on the kadhi and add a tadka of cumin seeds and red chilli and serve.

Watch Here The Step-By-Step Recipe Video Of Dhaba-Style Kadhi Pakora:

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