Watch: This Phenomenal Hack To Store Leftover Pizza Slices Is A Game-Changer


Use this smart hack to store leftover pizza.

Pizza is probably one of the most ordered dishes across the globe. The cheesy Italian delight is loved by everyone and is the perfect treat to indulge in when you don’t want to cook or are bored of the regular meals cooked at home. A huge round pizza platter with multiple slices is so tempting that you think you’ll be able to finish off the whole thing all by yourself. It’s only when you are halfway through you realise that it might not be possible to wipe off all the heavily loaded pizza slices. More often than not, you are left with few slices that you don’t mind saving for later.

The only issue we face while storing pizza is to keep that huge pizza box on the narrow shelf of our refrigerator, even if it is for just one slice. Rather than shifting the pizza to a small container, here is a genius pizza hack to convert that big pizza box into a smaller one, just the right size to fit in your leftover pizza.

Watch the hack video here:

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We saw this incredible pizza hack on YouTube channel ‘Jessica Matias’ and found it so useful that we decided to share it with you all. If you’ll watch the video carefully, you’ll see the woman in the video cuts the box into half, then cuts small pieces on the sides and on the front to securely close the box, as if you got it like that in your delivery!

Amazing, isn’t it? If you’ll also try this hack next time you are left with half-eaten pizza at home, let us know if it worked for you. Good luck!

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