Watch: This Smart Hack Will Keep Your Lettuce Leaves Fresh For Up To A Month!


Watch: This Smart Hack Will Keep Your Lettuce Leaves Fresh For Up To A Month!

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We love the crunch of lettuce in our meals. Dishes like salads, burgers and sandwiches taste way better with fresh lettuce leaves in them. We don’t mind buying lettuce for these meal options, but the only problem is that it comes in a huge bundle and half (sometimes, more than half) of it is left unused, and eventually turns stale in just a couple of days before we think of using it again. Nobody likes to waste food and money spent on food. So, this food blogger came up with a smart tip to store lettuce in such a way that it stays fresh for up to a month! No kidding.

Lama Bazzi, a blogger in Miami, Florida, posted a two-part video series in which she stores lettuce leaves for a month and shows how lettuce remains nice and crispy after a month’s time. She posted both the videos on her Instagram handle and the viewers couldn’t be more thankful.

Watch the video:

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In the first video that Lama Bazzi posted on January 10, 2021, she put some lettuce leaves in a mason jar and poured some water into it. Then she closed the lid of the jar and said that you could store your lettuce this way in the refrigerator to keep it nice and fresh.

In the second video that she posted after a month, she opens the jar covered with a tissue towel that helps in absorbing excessive moisture. She then pulls out the lettuce leaves and scrunches them to show that the lettuce remains green and crunchy. “When you’re ready to use the lettuce, just take the jar out of the fridge and drain it,” she says.

Watch the video here:

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Isn’t this a great food hack to keep our lettuce leaves fresh for a longer time? Let us know if you also try this genius tip and if it really worked?

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