Watch: Waitress Quits Job As Customer Refuses To Wear Mask In Shocking Video


A waitress quit her job when a customer refused to wear a mask.

Face masks have become the ubiquitous symbol of the pandemic. The mandatory use of face masks in public places, particularly at restaurants and shopping malls, is perhaps one of the most striking lifestyle changes in recent times. Now, a video is making rounds on the internet in which a woman can be seen arguing with a waitress after she is requested to put on the mask.

In the clip, the woman can be heard saying, “We are just going right there, we will go to the table real quick.” The restaurant staff member patiently repeats the most important safety rule that’s been followed in all food joints – of wearing a mask till the patrons make their way to a table. The woman kept arguing and seemed adamant about not wearing her mask. Not losing composure, the waitress insisted that the woman can’t enter the premises if she doesn’t have a mask on.

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Failing to get her point across, the waitress brings in the manager who tries to reason with the unmasked woman. This again doesn’t help the situation as the woman says she is unable to understand the rules and points towards other customers, who are seated at their tables without masks. Finally, the annoyed waitress says, “But it’s people like you who make it difficult for having a job. I don’t get paid enough to be here.” With this, she takes off her apron and cap, tells the manager that all this “is not even her fault.” She storms off the restaurant, calling it quits.

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