What Made Vaani Kapoors Brownie Guilt-free?


The super-fit actress shared a glimpse of her late-night indulgence.

Vaani Kapoor simply loves food. Her favourite? Japanese, Chinese, North Indian, South Indian, Italian – she loves it all. Dieting is no more an excuse to give up on tasty delights like brownies. Why, you ask? Because Vaani has the best way to balance her sugar cravings and calorie intake. The super-fit actress shared a glimpse of her late-night indulgence on her Instagram Stories. We must say, we learnt a lot. She treated us to a gorgeous brownie, which came with ava and cacao ganache. What really got us intrigued was the jowar (sorghum) base of her dessert delight. Don’t know about you but we can already feel the divine taste of the sweet course.

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Before she started craving for something sweet, Vaani enjoyed a serving of ravioli which was a delightful sight. According to her Instagram Stories, it was “time to eat.”


Vaani has always been vocal about her fondness for eating different kinds of cuisines. She believes in having a protein-rich diet and always eats small and healthy portions. If you haven’t seen it already, take a look at the stunning diva ditching her diet, every now and then. After all, some cheating never does much harm, right?

Before you go, did we forget to mention how she turned chef Vaani last year during the lockdown! Yes, she showed off some seriously impressive culinary skills and cooked up a great deal in her kitchen. We are glad she discovered her hidden talent.

We wish Vaani Kapoor happy cooking.


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