Why Oral Health And Hygiene Should Never Be Overlooked


On the occasion of World Oral Health Day today, FDI World Dental Federation (FDI) wants to inspire change by aiming on the significance of oral health for overall wellness. Ahead of the event day, the FDI World Dental Federation announced the 2021 World Oral Health Day (WOHD) campaign’s official theme as Be Proud of Your Mouth.

The results from a survey carried out in 10 developed countries, by YouGov on behalf of FDI, last year, revealed that less than half of the parents proactively engage in limiting the intake of aerated drinks and sugary foods to their children as a means of protecting their teeth.32 per cent of the respondent parents in the USA said that it was the case when asked if they limit sugary food and drinks in their kid’s diet.

While USA ranked second to last in failing to limit the sugar intake in their children, results for the other countries have also been exposed: United Kingdom (52 per cent), Sweden (44 per cent), (Australia (41 per cent), China (41 per cent), Morocco (40 per cent), France (37 per cent), Philippines (36 per cent), Egypt (32 per cent) and Argentina (30 per cent).

Parents in the UK were top ranked for taking their children for a dental check-up at least once a year.”Oral disease is a big part of a largely preventable disease burden and these survey results demonstrate that we´re just not doing enough to avoid oral health problems at an early age,” said Dr Gerhard K. Seeberger, president of FDI.

A study by UNICEF found that kids around the world with the highest sugary drink intakes are those most likely to be overweight. That’s nearly four out of five children everywhere, compared to one in twenty in 1975.

Brushing Mistakes You Might Be Making:Common mistakes made while brushing was revealed by Dr. Chitraa R Chandran

1. Brushing horizontally leads to tooth abrasion. Brush vertically.

2. Deposits usually accumulate near the gum margins. Therefore, brushing should be done in a way that helps in removing the deposits vertically from gum margin to tooth tip. Horizontal brushing can push the deposit further into the inter-dental space.

3. People generally do not concentrate on brushing while brushing. Focus on what you are doing and the areas you are covering.


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