Yes, Its True! 2-Ingredient Vegetarian Chicken Substitute May Blow Your Mind


The post-Covid era has created a new demand for mock meats and meat alternatives. People are increasingly switching to vegetarian and vegan diets while looking for substitutes for the protein content provided by meat. Startups and chefs are constantly innovating with viable options for vegetarians to get that meaty texture, and one such creation is taking social media by storm. A food blogger, who goes by the name @futurelettuce, has shared a recipe for an alternative to chicken made with nothing but flour and water. Yes, it’s true! Just these two ingredients can be transformed into making a vegetarian chicken substitute. Wondering how it’s possible? Take a look:

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The video was shared by @futurelettuce on Instagram where it received over 22k views and counting. The user also subsequently shared more recipes and dishes on his Instagram.

How 2-Ingredient Vegetarian Chicken Substitute Is Made | Chicken Substitute Recipe

The recipe for the vegetarian chicken substitute begins by kneading flour and water together in a 2:1 ratio. Keep kneading till it becomes smooth, and then let the dough rest for an hour. Next, the dough is kneaded again but this time in a bowl of water. The kneading continues till the dough becomes nice and stretchy, and all the excess starch is removed. Then, the dough is rested for another hour after which various seasonings are added to the flour dough. It is then twisted and knotted to make a sort of large bun, which is fried on both sides and then simmered in vegetable stock for forty-five minutes.

History Of 2-Ingredient Vegetarian Chicken Substitute | Seitan History 

Also known as ‘washed flour’, ‘wheat gluten’ or ‘Seitan’, this simple and healthy chicken substitute has actually been around since the 13th century. The Chinese and other South Asian communities would reportedly make this protein-rich meaty substitute in order to lower the consumption of animals and meat. The idea is to wash off all the starch and carbs from the wheat flour in order to just leave the protein-rich gluten behind. This sticky dough can then be flavoured and cooked as you like, although preparing it may take some time.

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Nutrition In 2-Ingredient Vegetarian Chicken Substitute | Seitan Nutrition 

Seitan can also be made with any protein-rich flour, and the higher the protein content, the simpler the process of washing becomes. According to the USDA, 100grams of Seitan can contain up to 75grams of protein which can fulfil up to 150% of your daily protein requirement. Apart from this, the taste and texture are quite similar to meats such as chicken!

So, what are you waiting for? Try the mock-meat 2-ingredient chicken substitute and tell us how your experiments went!

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