Yes, Its True: This Man Has Been Collecting Gum Wrapper Chain Since 1965; Breaks Record


This man has been making the chain for almost 55 years now.

Just like you, we have also been throwing away the wrappers every time after having the gum. But, Gary Michael Duschl – a 70-year-old man from Virginia, USA – didn’t dispose his gum wrappers after having them; instead, he collected the wrappers and made world record with them. How, you ask? Gary broke the records by creating world’s longest gum wrapper chain, which is 32,555.68 m (106,810 ft) long. He started building the gum wrapper chain in 1965. Guinness World Records recently took to its Instagram handle to share the news.

GWR took to the photo-sharing app to share a post featuring the long gum wrapper chain and wrote alongside, “Gary Duschl has been building this gum wrapper chain since 1965 and it’s now 32.55 kilometres long!” GWR also mentioned that he had spent almost 42,000 hours (4 and a half years of his life) connecting these wrappers to each other. “It contains approximately 2.5 million individual pieces and would take the average human six and a half hours to walk from one end to the other,” the post added.

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When asked about his bizarre hobby, Gary said that gum wrapper chain was a fad during the 60s when people used to make chain matching the height of his/her partner. “My wife is 5 foot 3 inches tall. Averaging the length of my chain per day equates to me making a chain her height every single day for the last 55 years!” he further informed.

This Insta-post by GWR not only grabbed our attention, but also garnered more than 20k likes in less than 24 hours. Impressed by Gary’s dedication, a person on the Internet wrote, “Y’all realize how much 32kilometer is?? Wow, now THAT is impressive.” While another person stated, “It’s cool how u see the old wrappers/logos”.

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